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World Cup workout tips for couch potatoes

February 17, 2015 09:07 IST

This World Cup say bye to the beer belly and hello to the sport, pun intended!

The Indian cricket team trains at St Peter's College ground in Adelaide

The Indian cricket team in training at St Peter's College ground in Adelaide. Photograph: Solaris Images

Did you know an average world cup watcher could be adding up to around 2,400 calories per match -- more than many people need in an entire day!

So we thought how we can help you cheer for your team and stay in shape?

The idea as simple: let your fitness not get lost among the pints of beer, takeouts and chips. So as an alternative to a typical drinking game, we've compiled some easy exercises you can do as you watch, from your spot on the couch.

This world cup say bye to the beer belly and hello to the sport, pun intended!

1. Start with a little warm up: Like most sportsperson before they get on the field you ought to get the blood pumping with these basic cardio exercises like jumping jack for 30 seconds.

2. Every time your team hits a 4, do 4-star jumps.

3. For every 6, do a full throttle. Shout out with 6 burpees!

4. We have something for fillers too: 10 bench dips for every time a wicket falls.

5. 5 push ups for that adrenaline high every time your team gets a wicket!

6. A short squeal of joy for every 2 runs: lie down and do air bicycle for 10 counts.

7. Every time you feel like biting your nails get up and do walking lunges.

8. For frustrating moments like your team missing a wicket do 10 jumping lunges to cool off the steam!

9. Lastly, just so that you are not sore, the next day remember to do a full body stretch!

Dhruv Gupta