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Whoa! This actor's yoga pics will make you sweat

November 06, 2019 12:44 IST

Actor and yoga enthusiast Abigail Pande needs no excuse to hold back from her workouts. 
'I love working out and I'm always finding new ways to push myself,' she says.

IMAGE: Yoga is the secret behind those washboard abs. Photographs: Courtesy Abigail Pande/Instagram

Abigail Pande super-flat abs and a tight, toned core. She never lets a day go without squeezing in some quality yoga time.

She has taken to Instagram to upload her super motivating workout pics, which have been inspiring her 4,00,000 followers.

Her strong abs are a result of the endless stretches and poses she does in her yoga class.

Scroll down to see some for her fitness pics. Be prepared to get inspired!

IMAGE: Reaching out for the sky! Her sculpted body is the pure result of hard work and dedication. 

IMAGE: Don't go by the smile on Abigail's face. That stretch is not so easy to master. 

IMAGE: She loves nature and doing nude yoga was indeed a liberating experience for her. ' I was shy and scared and fearful of taking a shot that might make me feel liberated. Only because I kept thinking what others would think.' 'Nude and yoga might not have anything in common, but it's expression may mean the world to people who experience it,' she added. 

IMAGE: Working those muscles and how! Looks like she is always on her fitness game, even on vacations. 

IMAGE: Mastering the upside down pose with yoga instructor Rashee. 

IMAGE: That's her doing a split as she balances herself between two sofas. 

IMAGE: Abigail working out on her inversions. 

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