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Tips to treat 6 summer skin problems

March 28, 2016 10:45 IST

The scorching summer season is approaching, and it brings along several skin problems. Are you geared up to fix them yet?

Here are easy remedies to six skin problems that we usually come across.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Alessandra Ambrosio/Instagram

Summer season can be a hard time for the body and skin. As the temperatures soars and heat becomes unbearable, the body has to fight to keep itself cool, protected, hydrated and infection free. The same is true for skin.

We spoke to Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, founder of SkinAlive Clinics, to understand the various skin problems you can face this summer and how to deal with them.

"The answer lies in keeping yourself well hydrated, protecting your skin from sun exposure and reducing conditions amenable to infections," begins Dr Chhabra.

She lists the following skin problems and their solutions:


Photograph: Jen/Creative Commons

The summer sun is so harsh that it can scorch your skin, causing red patches, and rashes that give a burning sensation. This happens more in people who have sensitive skin. In simple language, it is the sun burning up your soft and sensitive skin.

Dr Chhabra says, "Logically, the only way to protect your skin against this condition is minimise sun exposure. At the same time equally important is to wear sunscreen religiously."


Photograph: Bill Ebbesen/Creative Commons

It is not just your body but also your skin that bears the brunt of dehydration.

"As we sweat, we continuously lose hydration from the skin. If not sufficiently replenished, this can leave the skin dry, irritated and more prone to sunburn. Your lips may start cracking and dry patches may appear all over. The most logical answer is to drink as much water as you can," says Dr Chhabra.


Photograph: Saluda Programa de Salud/CReative Commons

The sweat makes our skin a magnet to the daily dose of dust, grime and pollution floating in the air, particularly if we spend some time outdoors. This combination of heat and dirt is a perfect recipe for acne and pimples to grow.

Dr Chhabra explains, "The dust clogs the skin's pores while the heat gives bacteria a perfect environment to thrive. To minimise acne, care should be taken to keep the skin clean always."

Heat rashes

Photograph: Matt/Creative Commons

Multiple factors combine to make your skin irritable during summers. Along with the heat that puts a lot of pressure, is sweating. However, sometimes dirt and dust clogs the sweat ducts of the skin, trapping the perspiration.

"This can result in itchy rashes, blisters or mini bumps. Clothes can make them irritable all the more irritable because of friction," says Dr Chhabra.

Bacterial infections

Photograph: Arlington County/Creative Commons

The hot temperature gives birth to bacteria and viruses making the skin a perfect thriving environment. The bacteria are everywhere, and you cannot even see them.

Dr Chhabra explains, "People who use public transport and keep moving in crowded places are much more amenable to come in contact with multiple bacterial infections. Even the bus seat or window you touch with your hand may be carrying bacteria. These hands we then touch our face with often resulting in skin infections."


Photograph: Sergio (Savaman) Savarese/Creative Commons

When exposed to the sun's UV radiation, the skin's melanin reacts by forming a protective shield. Dr Chhabra explains, "The melanin results in dark pigmentation, either uniformly all over the skin or in patches on the skin. The result is what we call skin darkening, tanning or hyper-pigmentation."

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