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The topsy-turvy yogini who LOVES to defy gravity

Last updated on: November 25, 2019 12:32 IST

Yoga girl Carla Villaorduna will stun you with her complex poses. 

Photographs: Courtesy Carla Villaorduna/Instagram

Exercising upside down is the new fitness craze and New York-based yogini Carla Villaorduna is one topsy-turvy poser.

If unwinding with your legs in the air is the new must-do trend, this incredibly fit yoga teacher has plenty of inspiration for you.

From distinctively styled headstands to extraordinary back bends, hip wide splits to stunning hip opener poses, she can give you some serious fitness inspiration.

IMAGE: Want to open your inner eye? Carla has some advice for you. 'Concentrate in the space between the eyebrows. You want to stimulate pituitary gland, you want to activate your sixth sense, you want to open your inner eye,' she shares on Instagram. 

IMAGE: That's what a viparita parivrtta surya yantrasana (super solider or inverted compass pose) looks like. 

IMAGE: Carla flaunts her incredible curves as she attempts a yoga pose. 

IMAGE: The hanumanasana (monkey pose) opens the hamstrings and the hips. However easy that pose looks, it is not that simple to master.  

IMAGE: She writes, 'Embrace life just the way it is. Develop through your practice, deep peace in your heart. Close your eyes and be one with the universe in the present moment. Everything is perfectly aligned and everything is meant to arrive to you in perfect timing. Keep doing your best, life will take care of the rest.'

IMAGE: Finally here's a pic of her doing the back namaste or the reverse prayer pose. 

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