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How this model fought bulimia with yoga

Last updated on: May 16, 2019 14:45 IST

Liv Lo is Instagram's latest yoga sensation.

Photographs: Courtesy Liv Lo/Instagram

Remember Nick Young (played by Henry Golding) from Crazy Rich Asians?

Thanks to his chocolate boy looks, tall frame and boyish charm, almost every teenage girl is crushing on him.

While Henry is a celebrity in his own right, his wife Live Lo has been serving up some serious fitspiration on the Internet.

A yoga instructor, she has been practicing for the last 13 years.

She follows a simple motto in life: 'Get fit fast, love your body, feel strong, healthy and confident.'

'I have excuses -- I travel, my routine is constantly changing, I have difficulty finding time or energy to workout sometimes, but I don't listen to those excuses or give in to them,' Liv revealed in an interview.

She added: 'I find every reason to exercise by adapting the workouts to what I need for that time and place. I always feel stronger and better for it . . . Staying fit is work, but being fit keeps me healthy and strong enough to travel.

Life is a 'workcation' for this fitness guru, who has been inspiring her 1,80,000 followers on Instagram.

'Health for me is living a long life, in greater health, and the more that I use fitness to keep my body long and strong, the more that I am able to achieve all of that.

'And that I want to be able to have fitness in my life for the rest of my life. I want others to know that they can incorporate this, too.

'I've pretty much had a plan my whole life,' she shared.

'The key to growth (is) being flexible, open and able to adapt to change.

'If you love yourself, only then are you really able to love someone else, love the Earth, love the environment, love your family.'

Want to know what to eat to embrace a healthy lifestyle? Liv has the answer.

'It gets complicated answering questions on 'what I eat' and 'what I am wearing' because I believe to each their own.

'Personally, I simplify my choices by making a point to not just to buy less, but also to also buy purposefully.

'There are so many choices out there now that you can shop organic, local, and homemade on a budget which is so great because the gap on that is finally closing!

'There are always choices to do better and I feel fortunate to be educated and resourceful enough to be able to make my own conscious decisions.'

Liv, who was once a model, doesn't support restrictive eating habits.

There was a time when she used to hate herself when she was modelling.

That's because the job came with restrictive eating habits, body image and mental health issues.

'When I was 20 and restricting what I ate for my modelling career, I was very thin, weak and bulimic. I didn't even get my period.

'Back then, not many people knew about yoga, but I decided to give it a try after hearing that models like Christy Turlington were into it. 

'If I could tell my younger self a piece of advice it would be to 'trust that everything will turn out alright, you will be alright,' she shared.

'Never compare yourself with others, even if it's your dream job, because the grass is always greener on the other side.'

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