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Inspiring! How yoga, zumba keeps this reader FIT

May 14, 2020 11:20 IST

Rediff reader Hiral Harekar tells us how she stays fit in the lockdown.

Hiral Harekar shares her fitness tips

Halasana or plough pose helps you improve shoulder and vertebral strength.Photographs: Hiral Harekar

I daily do yoga, zumba and abs workout for my fitness.

According to me fitness is very important.

A part of my motivation to stay fit is my little tummy. I also think about the fancy dresses I have in the wardrobe that I want to fit in.

Besides, I believe in eating healthy food and staying fit because it improves your immune-system that will help fight corona and other dangerous diseases.

Every day I work out in the morning between 9 am and 10 am everyday.

I do yoga and zumba.

Yoga makes me feel good. Zumba helps burn body fat.

Working on your abs will give you a flatter tummy.

And not to forget, good food is must.

Some pictures of yoga poses I tried during the lockdown:

How Hiral Harekar stays fit in the lockdown

Chakarasana or back bend helps improve flexibility.

How Hiral Harekar stays fit in the lockdown

Dhanurasana or bow pose helps your spinal cord.

How Hiral Harekar stays fit in the lockdown

Ustrasana or camel pose works on your thighs and ankles.

Hiral Harekar