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How to lose weight and win Rs 5 lakh

Last updated on: January 04, 2020 10:27 IST

As part of a 12-week transformation challenge, challengers will be required to upload their videos every week.

How to lose weight and win Rs 5 lakh

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What is it about?

Pune-based fitness app FITTR is inviting entries from people across India to share their amazing transformation stories.

As part of its 12 week transformation challenge, which is in its 9th phase now, FITTR is offering a reward of Rs 5 lakh.

Challengers have the choice of winning either a Harley Davidson Street 750 (bike) or an Apple kit of the equivalent value.

The runners up will be given premium gym clothing and accessories, Fitcoins, and other such gears.

Starting January 2, 2020, TC is a 12-week transformation challenge, where challengers are required to upload their videos every week.

They will be allotted 12 weeks after which the one who shows the best transformation will emerge as the winner of this challenge. Candidates won’t be evaluated or compared with others, but with their past selves.

Factors such as gains in muscle mass, fat loss and consistency from past transformation challenges will be taken into account.

Who can apply

Anyone and everyone can be a part of this fitness challenge.

Candidates don’t even need to enroll themselves with a coach to participate in the challenge. It’s totally free of cost.

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