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Can brisk walking help you lose weight?

May 11, 2017 09:10 IST

Wearing the right shoes and timing your walk is equally important to lose weight.

Can walking help you lose weight?

While a few people are blessed with a high metabolism, for most of us, losing weight can be quite a challenge.

No matter what diet plan you follow, accompanying it with regular exercise is a must.

That doesn’t imply that you must join a gym immediately.

In fact, one of the best ways to lose weight is to simply start walking.

Walking is basically a form of cardio exercise. It is budget-friendly and you can walk at any time and any place.

Walking outdoors also allows you to commune with nature and get some fresh air into your system.

This form of workout involves all your muscles and hence helps you tone your body as you lose weight. Going for a walk regularly also boosts metabolism and improves your blood circulation.

Here are a few tips to help you walk right to lose those excess kilos.

Walk briskly

There is a big difference between strolling around your garden and going for a brisk walk.

The former does not really count as exercise. When you go for a walk, set a brisk pace and try to maintain it for the entire duration of your walk. 

Ideally, you should walk for at least half an hour a day. In the beginning, focus on increasing the amount of time you walk for before getting tired.

Once you are comfortable going for a half hour walk, focus on increasing your pace and covering more distance in the same time.

Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes is very important when going for a walk. This will ensure that your feet and ankles get proper support.

Avoid wearing flip flops and sandals. Also, always wear shoes that are the correct size for your feet.  

Get yourself a digital assistant

Losing calories while walking depends on the distance walked and your walking speed.

A pedometer is a handy tool that tracks both these factors and helps you analyse how many calories you burn in a day.

Today, there are a number of apps available that could do this as well.

Mix it up

You don’t need to walk the same route every day. Make your walks interesting by exploring different routes and walking at different speeds.

If one day, you decide to go for a two-mile long walk, go for a shorter but brisker walk the next day.

If you feel your weight loss plateauing, start walking with weights or add on a short jog.