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7 times Miranda Kerr made workout look fun

Last updated on: March 14, 2019 10:09 IST

The model's workout routine looks effortlessly simple.

A fan of yoga, Pilates, swimming and resistance training, Miranda Kerr's workout pics are the only motivation you need this week.

Miranda Kerr has been flaunting her incredibly toned bod on Instagram. The model gave birth to her second baby last year and she is already back in shape. On a daily basis the model ensures that she workouts for 20-30 minutes. Photographs: Courtesy Miranda Kerr/Instagram

The trick for Miranda is working out consistently.

She enjoys working out in the open with dumbbells.

When she is not in the gym, Miranda swims.

Another of her favourite workouts is yoga.

Her advice: 'Exercise shouldn't be a chore'.

The model loves to start her day with fresh, cold pressed organic celery juice. '16 oz on an empty stomach. My favorite breakfast at the moment is rice porridge with banana, cinnamon hemp milk and maple syrup.'

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