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5 simple ways how celebrities cope with stress

April 05, 2019 08:50 IST

There are certain techniques celebrities apply to alleviate stress which you too can follow in your daily life, says yoga guru and life coach Grand Master Akshar.

Grand Master Akshar with Sushmita Sen

IMAGE: Grand Master Akshar poses with Sushmita Sen. Photograph: Kind courtesy Grand Master Akshar

The life of a celebrity certainly consists of parameters and expectations different from some of us who lead a normal life.

Being personalities who are exemplary in their fields, they are the objects of admiration and affection to a great number of people.

They are the shining stars that point the direction to the young and the impressionable.

At the same time, they bear great responsibility as well.

Whether they may like it or not, they are forever expected to display poise and composure under any and all circumstances.

Once you are successful and famous, there is not much personal space.

Thanks to social media and the penetrative nature of the Internet, people are updated with their every move/s.

Beyond a point in time, it is inevitable that they experience above average levels of stress.

Yoga guru and life coach Grand Master Akshar who's worked with several celebrities feels that beneath their super successful glamorous lives is a person just like you and me who wants to de-stress and seek peace and happiness.

There are certain techniques celebrities apply to alleviate stress which you too can follow in your daily life:

1. Self-acceptance

To be a celebrity is to acknowledge that the platform you are on is one that brings with it as many opportunities as obstacles.

This weight can sometimes bring you down or lead to a stressful life.

It encompasses both the good and the bad in heavy doses and to engage in the good and disengage from the bad is a great step towards stress management.

Accept the good and the bad with an open and positive mind frame.

Strength and focus will help you choose opportunity over obstacles.

2. Connect-disconnect

This method of connect-disconnect involves the self-made choice of focusing on the positive and blurring out the negative.

The choice in question is in terms of the people you allow into your close circles, the activities that form your day, the habits that define you and the frame of mind you keep, irrespective of circumstance.

Connect with yourself and stay true to who you are as an individual.

Sometimes, you must disconnect with the lesser to connect with the greater.

3. Spirit focus

Explore your inner self.

A life lived with the mind, body and spirit in positive alignment is far more enjoyable.

Fill yourself with positive affirmation that keeps your spirits high, setting you up with a drive to make the best of your day and of your life.

Find a connection between your inner self and any activity you perform. This connection will ensure positive results and a fuller spirit.

A regular practice of yoga and meditation is a sure path towards a healthy spirit.

Dedicate time to yourself and focus on the health of your body, mind and spirit by performing dhyaana and pranayama.

This activity though physical, has a great effect on the spirit and its alignment.

4. Recreation

Add a spark to your regular routine by indulging in an alternative activity.

Be it pursuing a hobby that is close to your heart or a vacation that takes you away from your usual sights.

Create a space or an environment away from the limelight where your truth manifests freely.

It is sometimes crucial to take yourself away from the usual environment to a secluded space physically to feel free and released emotionally.

Set yourself free so you can release any built-up energy that in other circumstances, could not be expressed.

Everyone is unique and to cherish your uniqueness in an unharnessed manner is a gift.

5. Selflessness

Add deeds of goodness, compassion and selflessness to your to-do-list.

Perform acts of kindness towards your fellow human being and other living creatures to create a better world for yourself and others.

It is not only satisfying to the spirit but being a person, whose position is that of example to so many others, it would be a blessing to society to be the inspiration for goodness all around.

Get personally involved in feeding the hungry or spending time with underprivileged children.

With the power to spread happiness to such pure hearts, you will find that it is your heart that feels more joy than it gives.

The word celebrity implies an individual who is celebrated.

Your life can be a celebration if you can live in a balanced and healthy manner.

Grand Master Akshar