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14 strength exercises you can do at home

February 27, 2020 09:50 IST

These workouts will help you build strength and stamina without going to the gym.

How to improve strength

IMAGE: Strength training is a substantial part of a well-rounded workout.Photograph: Courtesy Shweta Mehta/Instagram

If you strongly believe that you have been slacking on health and fitness, one of the speediest ways to kick-start toning up is by assimilating strength training into your daily training routine.

It is vital to know that strength training is a substantial part of a well-rounded workout regime that many of us scorn and desert in favour of cardio-focused physical activity.

In fact it has been strongly endorsed to take in strength training activities for all the major clusters of muscle into a fitness regime for at least 2-3 times a week.

Doing this will not just aid in condensing your peril of osteoporosis but also recuperate density of bone, but will also support in structuring lean muscle mass, which benefits in burning body fat while burning down calories.

Along with giving some extraordinary physical rewards, strength training workouts will also help you slash some pretty big highbrow perks as well.

Performing these exercises will also help to reduce those uninvited signs of anxiety, improves awareness, insight and self-confidence, abridges depression signs and improves the quality of sleep in adults detected with depression and stress.

If you are influenced to put those muscles to work but lack equipment’s and space, or you are on a constricted budget or constrained for time, worry not, you must bear in mind that these exercises only involves your body weight, the only training machine you need.

Body weight workouts that contain of the moves that vigour you to pull or push your own weight can help in slimming and toning your physique while adding the vital definition to your muscles.

They also concoct you to take on physical activities you need to complete on a daily basis that is right from carrying bulky bags to practicing good posture and lifting your kids.

Here are some beneficial strength-training workouts that can be done without weights:

1. Squats

Identified to be a true multi-tasker, while you do squats, you train for stability, cut down extra fat compared to other exercises mostly because of the muscle gain, efficiently stimulate your back and core, and supports circulation.

Squats is one of the most effective type of functional trainings.

2. Prisoner squat

Prisoners squat is very alike to a usual squat but in this our stances are a little different.

The toes are directing outwards, though still, keeping a slight wider than hip at a distance.

The knee is unmoving and tracked on the centre of the feet, core is engaged, hands are behind the head, shoulders are pinched down and chin is parallel to the ground.

3. Forward and back lunge and lift 

The forward lunge is a brilliant in terms of functional training owing to the fact that it places the body in a motion that is equivalent to our daily body activities of walking and running.

Whether you have continually chosen to push a hefty sled, run a faster marathon, or accomplish a perfect pistol squat, power hike up a mountain, the forward lunge is certainly sure to assist you get there.

This distinctive move is a helpful way to shape a base strength in each limb.

When you are executing two-legged moves it is easy to recompense for delicate muscles on one side. But when you are lunging, it is vital to identify any body imbalances one may have.

Additionally, the forward lunge is identified to strengthen and segregate each leg on an distinct basis and can be a good pointer of how strong each hip and glute is.

How to perform a forward lunge

Steps to perform a back lunge

4. V-Push-ups

The V stance or the downward dog position is an excellent position to for your shoulder muscles.

5. Plank Push-ups 

A plank push-up is a strength-training exercise that integrates all the core workout of a plank, with the additional shoulder arm and back workout of a typical push-up.

These cluster of muscles get engaged in a single exercise that you can do with no equipment’s at all.

How to perform plank push-ups 

6. Tricep Dips in half and full cobra position

7. Tricep Dips in half cobra position

You must get your hand on your stomach, in the forward direction with your forearms being on the surface forward-facing. You must moderately arch your back by pushing off your forearms. Take deep breath by watching to the ceiling.

8. Tricep Dips in full cobra position 

9. Superman plank

When you are proficient of holding the usual Plank for more than a minute.

Superman plank is an efficient development that you must certainly give a try.

The Superman Plank starts with your arms being stretched about forty-five degrees in front and on your palms rather than your arms.

All the alike rules and guidelines of the plank apply here too but you will find holding the Superman Plank for a much shortened time period -- begin with fifteen seconds, ensuring that your lower back stays neutral at all times.

The second you get a sense that your hips are starting drop, it is time to stop that rep.

You must up to hold for as long as you can. If you accomplish to reach sixty seconds, you certainly deserve the superhero status.

10. Elbow Plank

Planks are an astounding workout for working on your abs, and the elbow plank is stiffer on the abs as compared to the old-style plank in push-up position.

11. Side Elbow Plank

12. The Hundred

The hundred is a distinctive Pilates mat training with at being the only equipment that is required.

This exercise is named after the hundred beats of your arms that are made while your shoulders and head off the exercise mat and you hold your legs drawn-out.

13. Single leg extension

How to perform single leg extensions:

14. Single leg extensions with obliques 

 Shalini Bhargava is director at JG'S Fitness Centre, Santacruz, Mumbai. She can be contacted on

Shalini Bhargava