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10 ways Surya Namaskar benefits you...

By Nalini Narayani
Last updated on: June 10, 2015 18:38 IST
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Surya Namaskar

... no matter where you are from

The huge debate about including Surya Namaskar in schools has led to petty discussions about religion and communality, rather than focusing on the secular benefits of the age old exercise.

It doesn't take much to understand that this harmless exercise can be practiced without any prayers or rituals to go with it.

Well, the following facts about the surya namskar will tell you why the ritual can be a highly beneficial exercise for the body and mind irrespective of the region and religion you belong to.

1. Shed those extra kilos

First and foremost Surya Namaskar helps you keep your weight in check and sheds the extra kilos to keep your body toned and fit. With just one round of Surya Namaskar you lose close to 13.9 calories!

2. Improves digestion

Due to stretching and compressing, your digestive system is strengthened and you can bid goodbye to indigestion and dyspepsia forever. Think of that!

3. Strengthens your back

Recurring backache is often caused by lack of movement of the muscles and joints. By making you stretch and bend, Surya Namaskar keeps your joints and spine in tip-top condition and also strengthens the overall skeletal system.

4. Makes you look younger

As cliched as that sounds Surya Namaskar actually does this. How? By increasing and maintaining healthy blood flow in the body. It brings glow to your skin and also helps prevent wrinkles for a long time.

5. Childbirth goes easy on you

Women, irrespective of the faith you belong to, this exercise will help you strengthen your immune system and regularise periods. It also has a positive effect on childbirth and keeps complications at bay.

6. Gives you a 'good night'

Surya Namaskars help you get your proper quota of sleep everyday and keeps anxiety at a distance. When your body stays strong, you tend to keep away from bodily and mental dysfunctions.

7. Tones your look

Surya Namaskar broadens your chest and makes your waist flexible on the whole, making you an easy mover and also helps you look fit!

8. Easy to remember stuff

Surya Namaskar improves the neural system and improves your memory. That means you will not forget that easily and retrieval of memories will also be bettered.

9. Cleanses your breathing organs

One of the biggest benefits is that, due to the rhythmic breathing the exercise involves, it cleanses your breathing tract and lungs and also detoxifies your body, helping you to get rid of harmful gases that might have entered your system.

10. Suits your pace

These days, it's difficult for most working people to follow an exhaustive exercise routine. Surya Namaskar fits the demand and helps you fit the regime within the restricted time frame by choosing the number of namaskars you want to/can do. It's a slick routine that is fast, yet effective.

We hope this helps improve your view of surya namskar and its benefits, no matter where you belong.

Photograph: Shameem Akhtar

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