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Will you try Adah Sharma's bold tricolour hair?

July 27, 2019 09:40 IST

The spunky actor has challenged other actresses to try the new trend.

Adah Sharma is known for her spunky fashion choices.

The quirky artist who is currently shooting for The Holiday, a web series, recently took to Instagram to share her new look.

Sporting her tricolour hair, she wrote: "Warning: new hair colour... As and when any other actress gets "inspired" by the tricoloured hair, you need to pay me copyright charges or get sued."

Scroll down to see her new bold hair colour.

Adah Sharma

IMAGE: Adah has coloured her hair in hues of blue, pink and yellow.
In one of her latest pictures, she is seen co-ordinating her hair colour with a multi-coloured skirt and pink top. Photographs: Kind courtesy Adah Sharma/Instagram

Adah Sharma

IMAGE: She styles her hair differently to make it look more versatile.

Adah Sharma

IMAGE: Here she's flaunting loose braids, a cooler version of the school girl look. Too cute! Aren't you tempted to try it?

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