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When Sabyasachi dressed Oprah Winfrey

December 09, 2018 09:30 IST

Oprah looked elegant, draped in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee sari, as she graced the cover of Elle's 22nd anniversary edition.

Photographs: Courtesy Elle/Instagram

Oprah Winfrey looked stunning as she graced the cover of Elle, dressed in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee black silk top and stole.

She rounded off the look with emerald and diamond earrings, which were also created by the designer.

Unveiling the cover, the mag wrote: 'Global icon, media mogul and over 22nd anniversary issue star, Oprah graces Elle India's cover for the very first time.'

Talking about the global icon, the designer revealed on Instagram: 'Nothing prepares you for meeting Oprah in real life.

'On her maiden trip to India, Oprah attended a dinner hosted by the royal family in Jaipur and I had the good fortune to dress her in a sari for it.

'We spent some time discussing India and spirituality, as well as Indian art and handicrafts.

'The opening of my store in Kala Ghoda came up in conversation and Oprah promised to swing by in the morning if she got time off from her busy schedule. I thought she was being polite!

He added: 'Imagine my gleeful surprise (and slight horror) when I realised I was sprawled on the floor like an exhausted starfish after completing the setup of the store, just as Oprah came breezing in, exactly at 10 am.

'She was as magnanimous about it as I was mortified.

'Oprah isn't just one of the world's most influential personalities.

'She's larger than life, but also as real as it gets! So, if she says she is coming home for pizza, you better take her word for it and keep that dinner table laid out well in time for her arrival.'

Malini Banerji, who styled the look, adds, 'A day spent with a formidable force like Oprah was the best birthday present ever. Late by three days, but one that makes it to the bucket list.'


For her second look, above, Oprah sported a silk dress by Shivan & Narresh, an embellished Anamika Khanna jacket and rock crystal, ruby and diamond earrings.

In a candid interview with the mag, Oprah has spoken about her childhood.

'The most important lesson that I learnt from my childhood is that there is indeed amazing grace.

'Because if you look at where I was born, where I was raised in rural Mississippi at a time when it was an apartheid state -- the chances of me being who I am, where I am...nobody would have believed it was possible. So yes, the lesson is amazing grace does exist.'

Oprah's crepe silk blouse and sari are by Ashdeen L.

Source: ANI