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What's the 'upside down bikini'?

July 08, 2018 09:07 IST

Italian model Valentina Fradegrada's bizzare idea is taking the Internet by storm. 

Upside down bikini

Valentina Fradegrada challenged her followers to try the upside down bikini. The Instagram page has 23,000 followers. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Upside Down Bikini/Instagram

In October 2017, an Italian fashion blogger decided to take a fashion risk.

Valentina Fradegrada wore her bikini upside down and posted some pictures on Instagram. To involve more people to try it out, she even posted a video tutorial on how to wear it.

'Upside down bikini' soon became an Internet trend.

The next thing we know is models from other parts of the world are trying it and sharing their pictures.

The reaction to this trend is not all appreciative, though.

The Daily Mail has called it 'absolutely ridiculous'; while some others have called it 'dumb' and the 'worst thing to have happened'.

Scroll down to see the pictures and tell us what you think.

Upside down bikini

Valentina sports a black upside down bikini on her holiday.  Photograph: Kind courtesy Valentina Fradegrada/Instagram

Upside down bikini

The idea is to flaunt your cleavage and underboobs. Photograph: Kind courtesy Upside Down Bikini/Instagram

Upside down bikini

Even Australian swimwear brand Cantik urged its followers to try the hot trend. Here, model Valeria Rey is seen wearing it upside down. 
Photograph: Valeria Rey/Instagram

Upside down bikini

See how these models are wearing the same bikini in two different ways. Which one do you like?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Upside Down Bikini/Instagram

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