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Vote: Do you like Priyanka Chopra's new look?

November 22, 2017 11:40 IST

The Quantico star gets our vote for rocking the trendy lob. And yours?

Priyanka Chopra hair cut Quantico season 3

Alex Parrish 3.0!
Photographs: @priyankachopra/Instagram.


We knew it was coming.

After all, Priyanka Chopra had teased us with an Insta story of her chopped locks on the floor and the caption, 'Bye bye long hair.. what's the Alex Parrish look for season 3.. U'll find out soon!!'

The Quantico star, who is currently shooting in New York for the next season, has finally revealed the look -- a lob with blond highlights and curls.

Posting her photographs on Instagram, Chopra wrote, 'When u have a new hair cut and can't help but constantly touch it to make sure it's all ok up there!! Lol.'


Priyanka Chopra hair cut Quantico season 3

Before and after: Priyanka Chopra has sported long hair for years now.


The lob -- or the long bob -- is one of this season's trendiest hair cuts.

The man behind Chopra's new look is international celebrity stylist Christopher Fulton, who said, 'Thank you @priyankachopra for the trust, such a dream to work with.'

He added, 'And thank you @priyankachopra for being so gorgeous inside and out.'

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