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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » This 10-yr-old 'drag kid' made his debut at NYFW

This 10-yr-old 'drag kid' made his debut at NYFW

Last updated on: February 14, 2018 17:46 IST

A self-professed 'drag kid', Desmond made his debut at the New York Fashion Week 2018.


Photographs: Kind courtesy Desmond Napoles/Instagram

If you search for Desmond Napoles on Instagram, you might just stumble upon his page, Desmond is Amazing.

A performer and drag kid, he is the founder of the first-ever drag house for youth (aged 20 and under) called the Haus of Amazing.

Desmond made his debut at the New York Fashion Week this year and was also the special guest at a fashion show by The Blonds.

Dressed in a red dress and a matching shrug, he completed the look with a hat that his mother and he made out of a box of Valentine's Day chocolates.


'I'm a drag kid, dragutante, dragketeer, and draganista doing what I like to call kinderdrag,' he captioned this photo on Instagram.

'I'm a total drag slayer. I am also the youngest member of the original iconic pioneering voguing ballroom house, the House of UltraOmni.'

As a toddler, he enjoyed playing dress up by taking bed sheets, towels, bubble wraps, his mother's T-shirts to make his own outfits, dresses and wigs.

Today, this young kid is a LGBT advocate and an inspiration for many.


He loves being pampered and still runs up and down the hallway in his mother's high heels.

When he is not modelling, this 10-year-old drag star loves to raid her mother's make up kit.

'I call my looks 'androgynously' and my style 'avant drag',' wrote Desmond on Instagram. He is also the founder of the first drag house for drag kids.



With over 30, 000 followers on Instagram, Desmond is a huge inspiration to many.

'Cover girl, work it, girl! Give a twirl and do your thing on the runway,' is Desmond's advice for models.

The 10-year-old stole the Gypsy Sport show at New York Fashion Week. And it was his backstage appearance at The Blonds show that made the headlines.


Take a look at some bold looks from The Blonds show.

The Blondes

The collection was definitely not about blending in; instead it was about standing out. Models dressed in glistening outfits with sequins and semi-precious stones, walked the ramp which was painted in fierce red. Photographs: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


The Blondes

A pop culture enthusiast, designer David Blond brought out his love for all this extreme through the show.  


The Blondes

Over the top and rebellious, that's what the collection was in a nutshell!

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