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One last time: Gisele Bundchen retires from the runway

April 16, 2015 19:08 IST

There are end-of-an-era moments; this was one of them.

You know Gisele Bundchen.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

She is Brazil's most famous exports to the world of fashion.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Gisele walked the runway for one final time, drawing her 20-year-long runway career to a close.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

On April 15, she took to the runway for the Colcci Summer collection at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

She modelled three outfits.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

The last of which featured her famous beach yoga picture.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Gisele is married to the American footballer Tom Brady who was in the audience watching his stunning wife.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Earlier in the day, Gisele posted this picture of her 14-year-old self on Instagram with a lump-in-the-throat inducing note: "I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey. Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business."

Photograph: Gisele Bundchen on Instagram

Born in a middle-class family, Bundchen was discovered by a modelling agency at 14.

Soon she was walking runways in New York and by 20, she was already beginning to show signs of being the next big thing in the business.

Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Gisele is known to be one of the last real supermodels, having walked for practically every great designer and been the face and body of some of the biggest brands in the world.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

She was also a Victoria's Secret model and when she terminated her contract, the lingerie giant's parent company, Limited Brands Inc's share price took a hit!

True story!

Photograph: Mark Mainz/Staff/Getty Images

According to Forbes, Giselle Bundchen made $47 million in 2013, which was some nine million dollars MORE than the gross domestic product of the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu!

Yet again... true story!

Photograph: James Boardman/Reuters

While this may be the last time we will see her on the runway, Gisele Bundchen also assured that she will continue to work in "other facets" of the business.

Which means you will most definitely see her endorsing brands and making public appearances.

Photograph: Rickey Rogers/Reuters

This picture on Instagram did all the talking.

Photograph: Gisele Bundchen on Instagram

But as for a runway shot, it is this image that will be the most enduring one for us.

Photograph: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

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