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'My body is just as worthy as yours'

Last updated on: June 12, 2018 12:34 IST

This plus-size model had the ultimate Instagram post for people who fat shamed her.


Plus-size model Felicity Hayward found an interesting way to get back at two beach-goers, who mocked her during a recent vacation. 

Felicity, the founder of Self Love Brings Beauty, a movement focused on loving yourself, was sunbathing in a two-piece, when a couple laughed and made fun of her. 

Scroll down to see how the model responded with the perfect clap back on Instagram. 


She uploaded this pic and wrote: 'To the couple sitting on the beach making fun, laughing and taking photos of me and my friends enjoying our holiday in little bikinis, I will stand in front of you for 15 mins and take this photo, because my body is just as worthy as yours sweetie.

She added, 'Just because you have a toned gym body doesn’t mean you are worthy of more respect.

'Comparison is the stealer of joy, so I’m gonna live my best life just like this and you can carry on with dealing with your own insecurities.'


Felicity, who is been a body positivity advocate, has been trying to get people to open their eyes to the fact that 'a curvy body on screen is normal and worthy of just as much respect as other sizes.' 

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