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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Is she the youngest-ever billionaire?

Is she the youngest-ever billionaire?

Last updated on: July 12, 2018 12:28 IST

At 21, Kylie Jenner stands a strong chance of becoming the youngest 'self-made' billionaire. If she wins the title soon, she is expected to beat Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at age 23, reveals Forbes

Kylie Jenner

Photographs: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Take a bow Kylie Jenner for creating a $900 million fortune in less than three years.

The model, who recently posted pics of her filler-free lips, runs one of the hottest make up companies, Kylie Cosmetics. 

Priced at $29, her lip kits consist of a matching set of lipstick and lip-liner, and in two years she has sold over $630 million worth of products. 

According to Forbes, Kylie owns 100 per cent of the company which is presently valued at $800 million. 

Kylie Cosmetics

The make up kits from Kylie Cosmetics.

'Add to that the millions she's earned from TV programs and endorsing products like Puma shoes and PacSun clothing, and $60 million in estimated after-tax dividends she's taken from her company, and she's conservatively worth $900 million, which along with her age makes her the youngest person on the fourth annual ranking of America's Richest Self-Made Women,' writes Forbes, who featured her on their Richest Self-made Women's list. 

Forbes, however, received criticism for using the term 'self-made', which didn't go down well with Twitter users. 

A Twitter user wrote: 'Calling Kylie Jenner a 'self-made billionaire' is like claiming you made soup from scratch because you opened a can and reheated it.'

'Calling Kylie Jenner 'self-made' is like calling McDonald's 'home-made'. Stop this madness', wrote another.

Kylie Jenner

Forbes' latest mag cover features the young billionaire.

The list of America's Richest Self-Made Women is to release soon, and Kylie will make history by becoming the world's youngest-ever self-made billionaire.

She has 110 million followers on Instagram and 25.6 million people follow her on Twitter.

The model-entrepreneur posted a pic of her on the Forbes cover and captioned it: 'Wow. I can't believe I'm posting my very own @forbes cover. Thank you for this article and the recognition. I'm so blessed to do what I love everyday. I couldn't have dreamed this up!'

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