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The one fashion mistake you should AVOID

Last updated on: February 14, 2020 14:39 IST
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Simran Kaur Purewal, actor and professional dancer

Simran Kaur Purewal

'I’m wearing a crop top with denims and knee high boots.'

'Fashion, for me, is to enjoy, look good and pamper yourself.'

My advice: 'Don't pair yellow and black together. It looks horrible.'

Bhavya Srivastav, fashion designing student

Bhavya Srivastav

'Fashion, for me, is a way of expressing yourself.

'I’m wearing my mother's Garden Silk sari with a Kothi which has Rajasthani mirror work.'

'The sari belongs to my mother and is almost 30 to 35 years old.'

Yuga Raut, fashion influencer

Yuga Raut

'Be comfortable in what you wear.'

'Since my childhood days, I have been big Barbie fan and this is one of the favourite outfits I have designed.'

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