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What's the secret behind Rosie Huntington Whiteley's perfect figure?

Last updated on: May 15, 2016 14:19 IST
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Photograph: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Supermodel Rosie Huntington Whiteley revealed her 'brutal' new diet regime that bans sugar, dairy and gluten.

She admitted that initially it was a huge challenge for her to follow the diet, but now Rosie has got used to it.

The Victoria's Secret Angel reportedly told InStyle: "I grew up on a farm so it has always been about meat and two veg. Now, I am building much more awareness of a healthy balance."

Now that's some inspiration for her fans to follow, isn't it?


Kim Kardashian stuns on the cover of Vogue

Kim Kardashian

Photograph Courtesy: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Six months post the delivery of her son, Saint West, Kim Kardashian is back on the cover of Vogue.

She took to Instagram to share the news. This is her first magazine cover post the birth of her son.  

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star looks understated in neutrals for Vogue Australia's June issue, reported E! Online.

Reportedly the shoot, in which she is modelling 10 custom corsets for the fashion bible, shows off a softer and subdued side of the fashionable reality star. 


Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her kinky side


Photograph: Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

In the new Goop Sex Issue, 43-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow has offered plenty of sex toy recommendations for her readers.

On her list are a leather whip, and six different vibrators. 

However, we must warn you that taking Gwyneth Paltrow's suggestion might end up burning a hole in your pocket -- the leather whip costs $535 and the vibrators start at $200 each.

A 14-karat gold dildo also features on the actress' favourite sex toys list. 

"Sex toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art," she reportedly wrote in the sex issue.


Chloe Grace Moretz admits that she's dating Brooklyn Beckham

Chloe Grace Moretz

Photograph: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has confirmed her relationship with Brooklyn, son of Victoria and David Beckham. 

The 19-year-old Neighbours 2 star made the revelation on Watch What Happens Live!.

"I think, the more I don't make it mysterious, the more people don't care, so yes we're in a relationship," Moretz said.

The actress also praised the famous parents of her 17-year-old boyfriend. "He's a great dad (David Beckham), she's a great mother (Victoria Beckham). They genuinely are very good parents, and that's what matters most, they made a pretty son," she said. 

Brooklyn has been sharing adorable photos of his girlfriend even calling Moretz his 'bae'. The dating speculations first started back in 2014, when they were spotted hanging out together. 


Kylie gives style tips to dad Caitlyn Jenner


Photograph Courtesy: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Model Kylie Jenner has revealed she gives make-up and style tips to her father Caitlyn Jenner.

The 18-year-old reality TV personality is very close to her father, who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition last year.

Asked if she gives Caitlyn advice, Kylie said, "Not on what she should do, but on her style and make-up, yes.

"She loves the Lip Kits and gives them to all her make-up artists and friends. And she's really proud of me because she knows how hard I work."

Kylie's Lip Kit sold out within minutes when it launched earlier this year, and has done twice since when the range was expanded.

Meanwhile, after two years of dating boyfried Tyga, Kylie Jenner has ended the relationship. The two attended last week's Met Gala Ball, but they didn’t walk the red carpet together.

Kylie and the rapper went separate ways before the ball. She was reportedly furious that Tyga decided to attend the event despite their break-up, as he was apparently only invited because of her, reported People magazine. 


Miley Cyrus regrets bleaching her hair


Photograph: Jason Meritt/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is not happy about her bleach blonde hairdo.

The 23-year-old 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker said she "learned a valuable lesson in this meaningless process."

"Bleached my natural healthy hair, rebelling out of boredom, while dealing with a consecutive amount of time off on the Woody project (2 months ago). Something inside told me I'd regret it," Cyrus wrote on Instagram.

"...not to mention I felt like a self obsessed psycho. While real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with, I was sitting in front of a mirror going through strand by strand, like my hair and what it looks like actually matters!," she continued.

She has some advice for fans. "So please fellow humans, next time you feel that tickle in your belly while making a decision, listen to what it says, and know the truth, that you can never be replicated or replaced, you are the one and only you," the Grammy-nominated singer said. 


Pamela Anderson likes ageing

Pamela Anderson

Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is not scared of ageing. She has come to realise that getting older 'isn't the end'.

"I actually like ageing. I have great older female role-models in my life, including my amazing mom, who have glitz, glamour, and all sorts of fun. Getting older isn't the end. I know I have so much to look forward to," the 48-year-old said in an interview to W Magazine.

It's been a year since Anderson's divorce from third husband, professional gambler Rick Salomon, was finalised.

She believes her recent divorce added years on to her. "I look back at pictures of myself when I was in this awful relationship, and I looked 20 years older," said Anderson.

"I know it sounds like a cliche, but happiness has a lot to do with beauty.

"Calm, peacefulness and no constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confident.

"And that comes across whether you're wearing make-up or not. I remember looking in the mirror during filming and saying, 'Who is this person? How did I let myself get to this place?'"


David Beckham launches grooming range

David Beckham

Photograph: Larry Marano/Getty Images 

Former soccer ace David Beckham has launched his first grooming range by teaming up with French skincare brand BiothermHomme.

The company announced that the retired football superstar, 40, is to be the face of a new campaign for its best-selling gel moisturiser Aquapower, which will be launched online in June this year, reported Us magazine.

"I am excited to be working with BiothermHomme,” said Beckham in an official statement.

"I've been thinking about developing a skincare range for a long time, and it wasn't until I started speaking with Biotherm that it all came together. They are as ambitious as I am, and we look forward to showing everyone the fruits of our labour very soon."


Lauren Alaina 'desperately wanted to be thin'

Lauren Alaina

Photograph Courtesy: Lauren Alaina/Instagram

Country singer Lauren Alaina opened up about her past struggles with body image.

The 21-year-old American Idol alum said all she could think about was to loose weight and look thin, reported People magazine.

“I had bulimia for a few years. I was really sick. I don't know that person -- I can't believe that was me. I just desperately wanted to be thin. That's all I thought."

The songtress was in her late teen years at the height of her bulimia, and her mother was crucial to her recovery.

"My mom made me look in the mirror every day and say three things that I loved about myself. At first, I couldn't name anything. It was so sad. When my mom made me do that, I looked in the mirror and I literally couldn't name one thing that I loved about myself," she admitted. 


Paris Hilton to feature in documentary on her life

Paris Hilton

Photograph: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Paris Hilton will star in a documentary to be made on her life.

The film will begin shooting in Ibiza this summer, and will feature interviews with the 35-year old socialite, reported Variety.

The documentary will also discuss her rise to fame, reflect on how the spotlight has contributed to the person she’s become. It will also examine the impact her image has had on young women today.

Hilton, Jamie Freed, and 9.14 Pictures are producing the untitled project which has Don Argott and Sheena Joyce as co-directors.

"Paris Hilton is a modern day Marilyn Monroe — beautiful, iconized, world famous, shaped by mass media and misunderstood.

"We are thrilled to work with Paris to explore her complicated relationship with the public, the press and the politics that shape our perception of a modern celebrity," Argott and Joyce said.


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