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Whoa! Kendall goes topless

July 01, 2019 09:35 IST

The model posed in just a pair of shimmering jeans on the cover of L'Officiel USA.

Photographs: Courtesy L'Officiel USA/Instagram

Kendall Jenner is a huge fan of the naked look.

The model, who has often been sported on the red carpet in racy, see-through silhouettes, went topless for a L'Officiel USA photo shoot.

Dressed in just a pair of shimmering jeans, the model is seen covering her assets in a black and white pic, below. She completed the look with diamond earrings.

Photographer Russell James, who shot the cover, writes, 'How she's handled fame, to me, has been incredible.'

'I've seen her put under intense pressure, I've seen her criticised like, 'Oh, you're a model because you're a famous person'. It's actually the opposite. Her fame was one of the greatest things she's had to overcome.'

Recounting the first time he met Kendall, he says, 'She didn't say much to me, but she had 20 million followers at that time, which is astonishing. She clearly had a true passion to be a model.'

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