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Hot or not? Vote for these Met outfits!

Last updated on: May 07, 2015 17:48 IST
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It was that time of the year when everyone who is someone steps out in style, supposedly to support the cause of Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.

For those who aren't invited (ie: us), the evening is more or less an opportunity to see a galaxy of stars walk down the red carpet in stunning/ridiculous (but expensive nonetheless) outfits.

(In case you missed the action, catch it all here!)

So here's your chance to vote for these looks that stood out among the rest.

Think they're hot or not? Take the poll at the bottom of each picture and tell us.

We start with Beyonce's revealing design. Hot or not?


Her sister, Solange, is up next.


Selena Gomez looked cute, we admit. But did the headgear ruin it all?


Katy Perry's Moschino dress did quite go with the quirky image she likes to portray. But how would you rate it?


Rihanna's meme-inspiring dress! Hot or not?


What do you think about Sarah Jessica Parker's headgear?


And Anne Hathaway's hood?


Madonna wore a Moschino gown. But surely, we've seen her in better designs, don't you think?


The stunning Sofia Vergara may have made heads turn. Does she get your vote?


And we wind up with the stunning Naomi Campbell. How would you rate her Met outing? Tell us!


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