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From Mexico to India: Meet Miss Teen International 2018

December 24, 2018 09:32 IST

She beat 11 contestants from across the world to win the title.

Miss Teen International Odalys Duarte flanked by (left) first runner-up Ritika Khatnani and second runner-up Kiara Pineda. Photograph: Courtesy Glamanand Entertainment

Mexico's Odalys Duarte was crowned Miss Teen International 2018.

The 17-year-old beat 11 contestants from across the world to win the title.

India's Ritika Khatnani won the first runner-up title, and Kiara Pineda from Venezuela has been named second runner-up. 

Odalys is a student at High School, Colegio CEA Centro Regional De in Mexico.

'I am extremely thankful to the entire team and the organisers for giving me this immense opportunity,' she said soon after the win. 

'This is a wonderful feeling and I am very delighted to represent my country.

'The whole experience here was life changing; I met so many different people across the globe, made new friends, which has actually enlarged my vision.

'It's not just winning the crown or the fame that comes with it, but it is about the experience, which I went through.

'I am really thankful to our mentors who have been supportive throughout our journey focusing on individual attention.'

Scroll down to take a look at her pics.

Odalys put her fab bod on display during the swimsuit round at the Miss Teen pageant.

For the costume round, she chose a look that represented her country and its culture.

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