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Curvy yet sexy! Meet plus-size lingerie model Ali Tate

October 11, 2019 10:04 IST

Ali Tate Cutler is the first size 14 model to feature in a Victoria's Secret campaign. 

IMAGE: Ali Tate Cutler features in the launch campaign for Victoria's Secret and Bluebella's flagship store in NYC. Photographs: Courtesy Ali Tate Cutler/Instagram

With an increasing chorus backing body positivity, Victoria's Secret has roped in its first size 14 model, Ali Tate Cutler.

Though the lingerie giant was not vocal about the decision, its customers learned about it on the model's Instagram feed.

The brand which has used only skinny models in its fashion shows and marketing campaigns signed Cutler as part of its new partnership with London-based lingerie brand Bluebella.

IMAGE: 'I’m the first size 14 on @victoriassecret? Regardless I’m pretty stoked to work with a brand I idolised when I was a teen. Great step in the right direction for bodies,' she wrote in an Instagram post. 

The beauty line announced the collaboration last week, noting in a press release that the UK label -- which includes plus-size models in its ads alongside skinny ones -- is about "self-love, self-acceptance and championing individuality," reported New York Post.

Nevertheless, it was Cutler herself who revealed that Victoria's Secret may have crossed a historic threshold of sorts.

'I believe I'm the first size 14 on @victoriassecret?' Cutler wrote on her Instagram account last week. 'Great step in the right direction for bodies.'


IMAGE: 'Feeling at home in your body means you have one less thing to worry about in a world that is prone to worrying,' Ali shared on the social-media photo-sharing app. 'That’s not to say we shouldn’t all strive to eat well, keep our bodies active, and keep our vessels in good working order. But when we do indulge in a lavish dinner, or when we see a photo of ourselves that doesn't reflect exactly what we want to look like, it means easing up.'

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