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At 3 ft 4 in, she's the sexiest dwarf model you'll see

Last updated on: January 22, 2019 08:22 IST

'Who cares want everyone else wants, it's what YOU WANT.'
'The life I wanted has already begun, and it's just beginning,' says Instagram influencer and dwarf model Dru Presta.

She is 22 and almost half as tall as a runway model.

But that hasn't stopped Dru Presta from walking the runway or endorsing a lingerie brand.

With half a million followers, Dru Presta is an Instagram influencer who talks about body positivity and mental health.

She inspires people of all ages with her unabashed attitude and pep talk.

Take a look at these pictures and you'll be amazed at her style and confidence.

Dru Presta

IMAGE: For anyone who believed that Dru would never be a model, here she is walking for Band Runnaz Clothing that designs custom outfits for people of all sizes and shapes.   Photographs: Kind courtesy Dru Presta/Instagram

Dru Presta

She is very clear about her New Year resolution.
'This year is about to be even more about ME.
'No more apologizing for who I am.
'Time and energy is going to be going into the things that BETTER me,' she wrote on Instagram

Dru Presta

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, she shared this picture of her modelling for Parfait and wrote: 'A state of mind has so much power. Remember that when you think of a negative comment about yourself or others. Start changing that and no one will see a 'Disability person' but just, a PERSON.

Dru Presta

She says it is important to remind yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are. 

Dru Presta

'The ocean, the beach is what calms me, rejuvenates my soul,' the beach lover added.

Dru Presta

That's her with her gang of positive girls who inspire and empower her to chase her dreams.

Dru Presta

On her 22nd birthday, she posted this picture from a few years ago and shared her little story transformation.
'This photo shoot started it all,' she said.
'A year before this photo was taken I barely knew the understanding of accepting yourself. I lost a lot of weight compared to then and now. I definitely know and can see a difference. But that's only growing up and going through life's roller coasters. I've lost friends this year, rekindled old ones, and made new ones.''
Who cares want everyone else wants, it's what YOU WANT.  The life I wanted has already begun, and it's just beginning,' she shared.

Dru joined Instagram in 2012 when she was only 16. Today, she is on her way to have her own line of clothing.

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