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What's the big fuss about this model's armpit hair?

Last updated on: December 13, 2017 15:17 IST

Gigi Hadid flaunted her unshaven underarm hair on Instagram and people are grossed out!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid in the Love Advent video.

Hairy armpits are in vogue thanks to Gigi Hadid, who is the latest celeb to jump on the hairy armpit bandwagon.

Dressed in a red cropped top and shorts, in a shoot for the Love Advent Calendar, the model showed off her fuzz and how! 

Working up a sweat for the 'stay strong' theme, the Victoria's Secret model revealed her unshaven pits as she stretched her arms in the air.

'I love seeing everyone else's videos.

'It's celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries,' said Gigi commenting on the video.

'The fashion circle is a family, so the Love Advent kind of feels like a Holiday Year Book in a way. Headmaster Grand style,' she added on Instagram.

While the model has embraced her hairy armpits, her followers on Instagram don't seem to have taken a liking for it.

'It looks so disgusting,' wrote one of her followers.

'Beautifully shot, but the armpits? What the ...,' added another fan.

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