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14 pics that prove Padma Lakshmi is the ultimate supermom

Last updated on: October 12, 2016 16:35 IST

padma lakshmi with her daughter krishnaThe supermodel is a multi-tasker at many levels. Her life is full of inspiration for people of all kinds.

Someone rightly said that being a mother is a full-time job. And for some, this can be quite a taxing affair, one that drains you, emotionally and physically.

But supermodel and single mother Padma Lakshmi is secretly calling out to mothers and showing them how to make the most of this responsibility.

Between playing a mother and balancing her modelling career, she finds time to capture the beautiful journey of her growing relationship with her daughter.

Presenting pictures from her Instagram account that reveal her multi-tasking skills.

IMAGE: Who wouldn't love to be introduced by their mother so fashionably. Introducing the daughter with a unique name -- Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell.
Rocking the all black look with leather jackets and colourful shoes, the mother-daughter duo are all about swag in this picture.

All photographs: Kind courtesy Padma Lakshmi/Instagram

IMAGE: Being a mother doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up on your career. From hosting shows and doing photoshoots to writing books, Padma Lakshmi, mother of a six-year-old is still giving the new girls a good run for their money.

IMAGE: Throwback to the time your mommy dressed you up in pigtails.
Isn't it adorable the way Padma Lakshmi accompanies her daughter to her first day of school in matching outfits as she enters first grade.

IMAGE: No matter how busy and far away from home you are, there is always time for tradition.
On Ganesh Chaturthi this year, the duo took time off to visit the Hindu Temple Society of North America. She hasn't forgotten her Indian roots and ensures her daughter is acquainted to Indian traditions too.

IMAGE: For once, ditch the malls and water parks. Instead, pack your lunch in a picnic box and leisure it out with your tiny one at the local park.
Padma Lakshmi seems to be having a fun summer time with her daughter, away from the din and mundaneness of the city.

IMAGE: Only a mother knows the value of sharing and caring. And Padma Lakshmi is teaching just that to her kiddo here by joining her in making pickled peppers with the women and kids of Mercado Global, a New York-based social support organisation.

IMAGE: 'Yeah I'm wearing mouse ears, so what?', she captioned this picture.
Well, a mother who lets her hair down occasionally and secretly embarrasses you by playing your age can also be a 'cool thing'.

IMAGE: Here's another photograph that reveals her fun side. 

IMAGE: Imagine making travel plans with your best buddy, who's none other than your mommy.
The duo is posing near Place Vendome in Paris, France where they holidayed together.

IMAGE: One of the many things a cool mum does is take you to the beach. And if you get to wear a bikini like this, your day is made.

IMAGE: Here's another throwback to the time when the model had just delivered her bundle of joy but had her hands full.
This picture -- showing her breastfeeding and applying make-up -- she says is a 'shout out to all the working moms'. Inspiring much?

IMAGE: Morning gossip with your mother over breakfast is like therapy. And Padma Lakshmi never lets go of the opportunity to chat with her dear daughter.
The best part, she gets to enjoy tea in a mini cup and saucer and has pretty dolls for company at their mini table.

IMAGE: You may not want to cook, but there is no harm in learning, she seems to be teaching her daughter quite early.
Krishna (in a green frock) whose mother has a Chennai connection, is seen spreading the dosa batter on the pan like a pro while her granny looks on, ever ready to help.

IMAGE: 'She is the gift I was told by so many doctors that I shouldn’t hope for or ever dream about. I am so thankful for having her against all the odds.' Padma Lakshmi had shared in one of her posts.
The beautiful relationship the two share reflects in their eyes. #CutenessOverload