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Glam Girl Kavya Will Make You Swoon

February 27, 2023 09:58 IST

Pretty girls don't have to always be just pretty.

They can be casually sexy, naughty, but nice, cute and wide-eyed, simple yet special, and be their own kind of beautiful.

Kavya Thapar is all of this.

In almost every one of her Insta pix, her uniqueness radiates through in her smile because 'happy girls shine more'.

She has a versatile flair in dressing and will give you cheery holiday vibes in green, get the party started in pink, doll up super well in red and look utterly charming in black.

A popular face down South, she plays Shahid Kapoor's girlfriend in Farzi, the Amazon Prime Video series.

A Mumbai gal, who attended Bombay Scottish in Mahim, north central Mumbai, and graduated with a degree in management from the Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Kandivali, north west Mumbai, Kavya is a marvellous dancer, a Ram Charan fan and loves her dogs.

The actor calls herself 'God's child' on her Instagram handle and has over a million followers, who have been captivated by the Kavya kinda beautiful.

IMAGE: Kavya bewitchment: Can you look away from her sensual stare?
Lilac becomes her.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Kavya Thapar/Instagram


IMAGE: Lal Power Dressing: A red tube top so blinding that the magnificent Mumbai skyline behind her becomes invisible.


IMAGE: More luminous than Tinker Bell in a parrot-green green ruched dress and the oversized blazer.
We ask What's The Name Of This Magic?


IMAGE: Collecting loads of Middle Class Love in a shredded mini-skirt, white cropped blazer and those strappy dynamite tangerine heels.


IMAGE: Kya hotness overload! Kavya emits Britney Spears appeal in head-to-foot electric red.


IMAGE: Accessories matter, especially when they are two darling pit bulls.
Kavya's off-duty, low-effort athleisure combo gets a lift with the blue sports bra and the presence of her pets.
A tough call -- who is the most adorable in this frame?