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Watch: An ATM that dispenses modaks!

Last updated on: September 18, 2018 13:02 IST

Pune-based Sanjiv Kulkarni's invention blends tradition with technology.

Sanjiv Kulkarni designs ATM that dispenses modaks

Photographs: Kind courtesy ANI

Is there anyone who can resist a modak?

The system created for Ganesh Chaturthi features a Ganesh idol installed inside an ATM machine.

ATM that dispenses modaks

Sharing details about his creation, Sanjiv Kulkarni said, 'It is ATM-Any Time Modak. You'll get a modak through this ATM on inserting a special card. It was an attempt to move forward with technology and culture together.'

ATM dispenses modak

The machine is built in a way that one needs to insert a card made especially by Kulkarni to get the prasad in form of a modak.

Instead of numbers, the machine's keyboard has Sanskrit words like gyaan, dhyaan, samadhan which you can enter to receive the prasad as blessing.

Want to know how it works? Watch the video below!
Video: Kind courtesy ANI