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WWE 2K18: A game filled with hours of pure fun

By Kakoli Chakraborty
January 03, 2018 13:30 IST
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The game delivers in terms of visuals, the roster and the number of modes, says Kakoli Chakraborty. 

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Every gamer remembers the excitement attached to standing in long queues outside gaming parlours in the 1990s just to play WWF WrestleMania.

I could sense the anticipation creep in when I got my hands on the 2K Sports-published WWE 2K18.

WWE 2K18 is part of the sports games that are released every year.

For those looking for something other than just smashing buttons, the game delivers in terms of visuals, the roster and the number of modes -- MyPlayer, WWE Creations, WWE Online and WWE Universe.

MyPlayer is a single-player career mode that lets you play as an existing WWE wrestler and take him or her through events and finally to WrestleMania.

In the WWE Universe mode, you can set matches and create teams, while in WWE Creations, you can create a superstar from scratch apart from matches and arenas. The Creation mode is by far the most enjoyable aspect of the game.


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You will find yourself with an endless array of options.

The game boasts a huge roster. It has about 200 superstars that include current wrestlers from NXT, Raw and Smackdown. Hall of famers from WWE, WCW and ECW are also included.

The match types are similar to those in previous instalments.

Yet, using John Cena's signature move "Attitude Adjustment" or Seth Rollins's "Pedigree," still evokes the same amount of excitement.

The 19th instalment in the series, WWE 2K18, unlike other popular games of 2017, doesn't have a gripping storyline or picturesque locales.

Much like its predecessors, the game is filled with hours of pure fun.

Irrespective of their age, few would shy away from showing their skills in the ring, albeit through a controller.

The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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