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OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition: 5 reasons why fans will buy it

January 26, 2018 13:00 IST

The limited edition phone is identical to the OnePlus 5T in terms of hardware, says Abhik Sen.

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The OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition (₹38,999), a limited edition phone born of a tie-in with the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is identical to the OnePlus 5T 8GB/128GB in terms of hardware.

But here's why fans would still buy it.

The box

There's a phone in here? Really?

One is most likely to miss the OnePlus logo on the massive box, which features Star Wars: The Last Jedi branding in prominent font.

The phone

The Sandstone White colour with black buttons is a tribute to the Stormtroopers.

The Star Wars logo is emblazoned in red on the matte white back, while the notification button, too, is in red.


Photograph: Courtesy

The theme

Switch on the phone and it features a customised dark theme with red accents, along with wallpaper from the latest film.

It would have been nice if the theme also had customised icons and sounds.

The case

Sure, you'd like your phone to be a Jedi, but that doesn't stop you from cladding it in the Kylo Ren-inspired bulky case.

The Easter egg

A sticker, a message and a hidden something, if you remember where the Jedi temple is.

Abhik Sen
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