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These gadgets will be all the rage in 2015

Last updated on: January 09, 2015 14:23 IST

From curved smartphones to hi-definition televisions, they all made their mark at the Consumer Electronics Show extravaganza in Las Vegas.

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has always been one of the most exciting events to look forward to for technology lovers in a calendar year. The year 2015 is no different and on the second day of this celebrated event, we saw plenty of big guns come out with innovative products at Las Vegas.

Let us take a look at some of the exciting products we saw on Day 2 of the international CES 2015:

Quantum dot and OLED technology from LG

LG has always been upfront in bringing flexible devices and rolling LED television sets as a part of its long term strategy. So it was no surprise when LG revealed that seven of its TVs will be OLED. The South Korean electronics giant also confirmed that majority of the TVs will have a staggering 4k Ultra HD-capability. Furthermore, five models will be bolstered by the multi-channel ULTRA surround system.

If that was not enough, LG will also bring in the second edition of LG Flex curved smartphone in 2015 which will definitely get some serious spec hikes along with a Full HD display.

4K TV and 4K BlueRay from Panasonic

Another company promising a 4k ultra HD television is Panasonic. The 4k LED screens will hold 9 screens overall.

Not much was revealed regarding the 4K BlueRay but it is known that this one will be compatible with HDR technology.

Sony 4K TV with X1 processor, High resolution Walkman

Not many firms have been as active as Sony during CES 2015 with the Japanese firm pulling out all its stock during this event.

Firstly, the creator of the popular Walkman series, Sony gave a peak into NWZ-ZX2 Walkman which will be the company's first high resolution portable music player. This will also have a DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback support along with a provision for memory expansion.

Then we have another 4K television with Sony set to put out 12 brand new TV ranges for the same. The product will come with X90C and is claimed to be the slimmest 4k television till date. The 4k television set from Sony will have a 4.9mm thickness and is expected to deliver the best image clarity and colour accuracy that the company has ever delivered.

SUHD TV series from Samsung

The South Korean electronics firm, Samsung introduced a new SUHD TV range that it claims will deliver 'ground breaking' results. The SUHD Television sets are supposed to be more eco-friendly and feature SUHD re-mastering engine that can adjust the screen brightness to make sure that power consumption is at its peak without compromising on the quality of contrast.

Origin Omega 4k Gaming Experience

We have heard about all the 4K television sets in the market and now Origin PC is making a giant leap in the gaming segment with big-box omega console. The gaming console holds two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards in addition to the four hot-swappable hard-drive bays.

This is certainly a brave move by the company considering how PlayStation and XBox have such a strong grip on the market. The powerful gaming console has the ability to dual-boot Windows 8 and Steam Operating Systems, which allows gaming lovers to break free of the steam platform whenever they want.

Frame rates are more than adequate, providing enough processing powers for gamers to enjoy games in 4k ultra HD TV sets.

Super light Lenovo's LaVie Z

At 1.72 pounds (0.78kg), Lenovo introduced the world's lightest laptop by the name of Lenovo LaVie Z. The notebook has a display of 13 inches and will feature an i3 or i5 processor depending upon the variant chosen. The product is expected to come out in May this year and technology freaks will be anticipating it with great fervour.

The first two days of CES 2015 have been quite exciting with some innovative and powerful products making their way into the spot light. This is not an end as lot more is expected to get unveiled on the third and fourth day of this great event. We can hear new announcements from major players in the segment of smartwatch, gaming, UHD TVs, laptops, etc.

The event will conclude on today with the promise of bringing more advanced technology next year.

Shruti Puri