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Why these earphones may be just what you are looking for

By Dhruv Munjal, Veer Arjun Singh
Last updated on: July 17, 2018 13:14 IST
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The easy-to-wear Jabra Elite Bluetooth earphones offer superior sound quality, active noise cancellation and a trio of microphones, say Dhruv Munjal and Veer Arjun Singh.

IMAGE: The Jabra Elite 65e. Photograph: Courtesy 

The Jabra Elite 65e

Wireless earbuds may be all the rage but I, for some odd reason, still find the neckband variety quite appealing.

That is perhaps why I developed an instant fondness for the new Jabra Elite 65e.

The neckband does appear rather bulky at first, but fits snugly -- it is so comfortable that, after a while, you forget it is even there.

A rubber-heavy design, the Elite 65e comes loaded with Bluetooth, active noise cancellation and a trio of microphones.

You have three sizes of earbuds and earwings to choose from.

With all the rubber on it, these snappy neckbuds also have you covered for the sweat-inducing rigours of the gym.

The sound is clear and balanced, though I would have relished them more had they offered greater bass.

The biggest irritant, however, is the volume: you can try all the genres you want, but the limiter never really allows these neckbuds to explode into life.

The noise cancellation, meant to be the standout feature, impresses only mildly, doing well to block out the low-frequency sounds but failing to deal with louder noises.

There is, though, little to complain in terms of voice quality.

Both the earbuds have built-in magnets which, when detached, allow you to answer a call.

Conversely, you can pause the music or end a call by bringing them together.

The battery -- the label claims eight hours -- is mighty efficient and does not require frequent charging.

The Jabra Elite 65e is nicely built, comfortable and offers decent sound to the average user, but for a price as high as ₹16,999, it is less than impressive.

With all the other choices available in the market, the 65e has a tough fight on its hands.

IMAGE: The Jabra Elite 45e. Photograph: Courtesy

The Jabra Elite 45e

It's only wise to pick a pair of Bluetooth earphones that gets mobility right.

Otherwise it's an unnecessary addition to your arsenal of gadgets that need frequent charging.

The latest in the Jabra's Elite series, the 45e, for ₹7,500, is priced noticeably above its entry-level 25e (₹3,500), chiefly for its two-microphone technology and a sleeker neckband.

The wire neckband is light, flexible and curves right below the ears, placing the microphone close to the mouth to ensure there's little ambient sound during calls.

The standard earbuds that come fitted don't cause the extra stress in-ear pairs are notorious for.

The battery unit and the controls on either sides balance the weight well and the wire band sits snugly on the neck even while running.

The sound clarity while playing music is good, if not exceptional.

But it's not a bass-heavy pair and may leave you wanting a little more punch to lift up the classic rock tracks.

You may also have to max out the volume in noisy surroundings in order to be isolated, but there's almost no sound leakage.

The extras make this pair even more useful.

The magnetised earpieces can be locked together to hang around the neck.

Bringing them together automatically disconnects the pair and taking them apart powers it back on.

It also comes with one-button access to Google Voice Assistant and Siri.

Eight hours of use on full charge is delivered as promised.

This pair can change the opinion of those who think the expensive wireless Airpods are necessary for active play.


Photograph: Courtesy Jabra/Instagram
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