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'Friendship is much more than just being nice'

August 02, 2021 11:25 IST

'Good friends are those who advise whether something is palatable for you or not.'
'Good friends are those who are not afraid of telling the truth.'

We had asked you to tell us how you are celebrating Friendship Day this year.

Some interesting responses we received. Thank you everyone.

Juhi Kapoor from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, shared a photograph with best friend Maithili Morajkar along with a sweet message for her.

Juhi Kapoor with Maithili

IMAGE: Juhi Kapoor with Maithili Morajkar. Photograph: Kind courtesy Juhi Kapoor

'I've known Maithili since 2013. She is elder to me and I call her 'Didi'.

'In May 2021, during the pandemic while cleaning the fan, I had an accident at home where I badly injured my finger.

'This was when COVID cases were on the rise and people were scared to step out of their homes to meet anyone.

'I was advised complete rest for my finger to be fixed and healed.

'Since I couldn't enter the kitchen, Maithili stepped in and took good care of me and my daughter.

'Like an elder sister, she cooked food and sent it for all of us till I got better.

'I am truly blessed to have someone like her in my life.

'On Friendship Day, I'd like to thank you for your good heart, your kindness, love and warmth.

'Happy Friendship Day Didi. May God shower the choicest blessings and love on you and your family as always.'

Blogger and influencer Ashwin Prabhakara from Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, tells us about his besties:

Ashwin with Pascal and Tarun

IMAGE: Ashwin with Pascal and Tarun. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ashwin Prabhakara

'Pascal is from Mysore and Tarun is from Chennai.

'I met them six years ago at the Google office in Hyderabad.

'When we became friends we decided that no matter which part of the world we stayed in, every year, we'll try and meet for a trip.

'We've done crazy trips together and have a lot of fond memories together.

'During the pandemic we weren't able to meet or travel.

'But it hasn't stopped us from making plans or thinking about our next adventure.

'We continue to chat over video calls, share memories and make fun of each other.'

Pratika Shetty from Mumbai revisits her special friendship with Gauri:

Pratika with Gauri

IMAGE: Pratika with Gauri. Photograph: Kind courtesy Pratika Shetty

'What do I say about Gauri? Where do I begin?

'She's been my constant since 2006.

'I share a very different bond with her. Though we are poles apart in nature, our bond is bigger than our egos.

'No wonder our friendship survived all the ups and downs.

'During the pandemic, we rebuilt our friendship by chatting regularly, going on cycling trips over the weekend, planning business ideas, talking about investment etc.

'We call each other during low and happy moments. We ask each other for suggestions without worrying about what time of the day it is.

'No matter which one of us is busy, we share a comfortable bond that we can always pick up from where we left.

'I know I will always have her back and so will she.

'From being protective to critical I have known my best friend to an extent that I know she will still stand by me in my decisions forever.

Happy Friendship Day Gaurrr...'

Sanjay Khatri sent us this photograph that reminds him of the special bond he shares with his former workmates.

Sanjay Khatri

IMAGE: Sanjay Khatri (centre in blue printed tee) with his friends. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sanjay Khatri

'This is our friends group and we call it Tata Gang.

'We worked together tirelessly to build and operate the telecom infrastructure of Tata Telecommunication at Navi Mumbai between 1998 to 2005.

'The special bond we built with each other is something we have treasured till date.

'All of us are pursuing different careers, but we never fail to have a grand outdoor get-together each year filled with loads of fun and laughter.

'This annual meet refreshes our mind.

'I have been missing them all for 2 years now as I am unable to travel from the UK. Yet, we keep in touch virtually.

'Bhai log A Very Happy Friendship Day to All of you.'

Dr Veena Adige shares a photograph of her friends and explained why her relationship is special:

Dr Veena Adige with her friends

IMAGE: Dr Veena Adige with friends. Photograph: Kind courtesy Dr Veena Adige

'Friendship is much more than just being nice, happy, going for outings, eating and having fun.

'Good friends are those who advise whether something is palatable for you or not.

'Good friends are those who are not afraid of telling the truth.

'We are four friends who do social work together -- Jayashree, Sudha, Savitha and I.

'We belong to different social organisations like the Lions, WE, Vsisters, Bhavans, Kannada Sangh and others.

'We hold different positions and different responsibilities. But when it comes to work, we all stand together and help each other.

'One of us maybe a president (of the organisation) and the others maybe merely members. But if one initiates a project, we all work together, share the bouquets and brickbats together.'

'That is true friendship.'

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