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Freezing Eggs For The Future

August 10, 2023 18:12 IST

Vivian Tung, 33, is one of a rising number of women opting to freeze their eggs.

Even though under current laws women cannot use their frozen eggs unless they are in a heterosexual marriage, demand for egg freezing in Taiwan has surged and more than a dozen centres offering egg freezing services opened last year.

"I really have a lot of peace of mind. If there is a chance in the future and I want to have a child, at least I will have the opportunity," Tung said


IMAGE: Vivian shows her mom Racheal Chiang, 60, where she injects hormones daily, at home in New Taipei City, Taiwan. All photographs: Ann Wang/Reuters


IMAGE: Vivian prepares a hormone injection after a regular check-up at the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Taipei.


IMAGE: Tung puts her prescribed medicine and injections in a thermal box after a regular check-up at the hospital.


IMAGE: Li Yi-ping, chief director of the reproduction medical centre, points to a screen displaying Tung's ovarian follicles during a regular check-up at the Hospital in Taipei.
The egg freezing process took two weeks, during which Tung, had to inject herself with hormonal medicine to stimulate egg production, as well as to attend check-ups every two to three days for blood tests.
"It's my insurance policy," she said.


IMAGE: Tung washes her face at home before heading to the hospital for egg retrieval surgery.


IMAGE: Tung lays on an operation table under general anaesthesia during egg retrieval surgery.
During the surgery, an ultrasound probe is inserted in the vagina to guide a needle into the ovary and aspirate all the visible follicles, which are then looked at by an embryologist who finds the eggs and determines their health.
"I'm in a lot of pain," Tung said after the 40-minute-long surgery.


IMAGE: Medical staff perform egg retrieval surgery on Tung, here and below.



IMAGE: Racheal Chiang, left, and Johnny Tung, 60, wait for their daughter Vivian as she undergoes egg retrieval surgery.


IMAGE: Tung is moved to the recovery room following egg retrieval surgery.


IMAGE: A nurse shows the laboratory and egg storage room at the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital.


IMAGE: Tung eats her first meal since the egg retrieval surgery at home.


IMAGE: Tung takes painkillers after her egg retrieval surgery.


IMAGE: Tung rests at home after egg retrieval surgery.



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