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Free-Spirited Beach Gal Isha Talwar

May 19, 2023 12:24 IST

She is a '90s kid who credits Ayurveda for her 'amazing hair, skin and just about everything'.

You need to think twice before messing with this girl with the curls, who has a spunky, cheerful approach to things.

For those of you who haven't seen Isha Talwar in the Prithviraj starrer Malayalam film Theerppu, you would have surely noticed her in Article 15, Mirzapur and Run Baby Run.

A huge fan of 'corsets that let you breathe', fashion does not hold all the cards in this actor's life -- it's low-key, a tool, not a passion and she is not one of those who go big or go home kanyas.

IMAGE: No, she's not prissy. She's earthy. Bindaas.
She sits amidst the jungle brush on a Sunday, all by herself, in the comfiest slip dress that could pass off as the hari chutney to her delicious samosa!
For Isha, 'travel is where the heart is.'
She chooses chic sage green Kolhapuri chappals to keep her feet cool.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Isha Talwar/Instagram


IMAGE: Isha captions the candid shot with 'One wave at a time'.
Fashion waves, perhaps? Or the fact she is an electric wave?
Holiday snaps are about letting the sun kiss you... and striped bralettes, orange briefs and a swish-worthy cotton jacket to cover up as you stroll on the beach.
Adorable picture of the star of Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde or our heart slipped and was lost...

IMAGE: A more fashionable pair of oversized sack pants you might find hard to find.
The mult-hued corset is the kind with a happy-go-lucky, la-di-da I Love Me vibe.


IMAGE: A pink kind of day with rose-tinted sunglasses and a plunging back.
Leftover costume fromSaas, Bahu Aur Flamingo?


IMAGE: The corset makes a comeback with a front sort of tail with denim pants and Isha shines making a a fan ruefully remarks 'Aukat ke bahar hai lekin, ladki cute toh hai'.