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#FoodPorn with Twinkle Khanna: Why diets don't last

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: September 11, 2017 15:49 IST
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Who can resist good food? Not us for sure!
In this series, we bring you the best of celebrity foodgasm moments.
Prepare to drool :)

Twinkle Khanna food porn

When it comes to food, Twinkle Khanna often gives into temptation. And makes us want to do the same.

The writer and businesswoman's social media feeds tell us as much about her life and work as they do about her love for her daily cup of tea and desserts.

Take a look. 

DIG IN: These macarons even inspired some 'bad poetry' from Mrs Funnybones:
'Diets don't last
And nor does life
So just eat that bloody macaron tonight...
All photographs: @twinklerkhanna/Instagram.


Twinkle Khanna food porn

PETER RABBIT APPROVES: There can never be enough sweets at a birthday party. And Twinkle Khanna knows that.


Twinkle Khanna food porn

SAY CHEESE: 'Prepping for Sunday brunch and inordinately proud of my cheese plate since that's the only thing I can 'cook ' :)' Twinkle Khanna posted.


Twinkle Khanna food porn

WHEN IN PARIS... Twinkle stopped by Monsieur Bleu for their truffle pizza, which came highly recommended by her host in the city, and her taste buds were 'truly grateful'.


Twinkle Khanna food porn

SWEET TOOTH: 'What I miss the most when I am back home is all the endless walking around on narrow cobblestone streets (of Paris),' said the caption. We guess the food comes a close second. 

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