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Why the Internet is in love with 'avocado proposals'

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: March 20, 2018 17:40 IST
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It's trending on the Internet as a new way to propose.


Photograph: Courtesy fooddeco/Instagram

There's absolutely no denying that avocados are a rage and people can't get over it.

From smoothies and toasts, avocado hummus and dips, foodies have gone all out and experimented with the fruit.

However, now there is a strange reason why avocados are trending.

That's because vegans are placing rings inside avocados and using it to propose. Quite creative, isn't it?

No one is sure of who invented the 'avocado proposal', but almost everyone on Instagram seems to be a fan of it.

Others have taken the avocado test and this is the proof! 

Avocado proposal

This is what photographer Kim Tyler spotted.
'I was just minding my business photographing a senior when this literally happened right behind us,' she captioned this pic.
Photograph: Courtesy Kim Tyler/Instagram 


Avocado proposal

Here's a screenshot from avocado lover and smoothie bowl addict Taylor Selby's post. Well! She say yes to a ring inside an avocado. 
'Been missing in action recently, but back and motivated to get back on it!! Plus I couldn't help but share the BEST & most creative proposal/best day of my life in honour of 6 months until we say I do!!!! Now where is the avocado emoji?'
Photograph: Courtesy Taylor Selby/Instagram



Taylor Selby went ahead to get married post the avocado proposal. Here's a post from her wedding. The bride and groom cut an avocado instead of a cake. So much for the love of avocados.
Photograph: Courtesy Taylor Selby/Instagram


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