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What's cooking in chef Garima Arora's kitchen?

November 26, 2018 14:17 IST

The first Indian female chef to win a Michelin star, Garima Arora is winning hearts across the world with her fantastic culinary skills.
Scroll down to take a look at some of the dishes on the menu of her restaurant Gaa. 

Photographs: Courtesy Chef Garima Arora/Instagram

Meet Garima Arora, the 32-year-old founder and head chef at GAA in Bangkok.

Earlier this month, she became the first Indian woman to head a Michelin restaurant.

According to the Instagram page of her restaurant, 'she is gaagaa about dogs of Instagram, Burrata and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts.'

They add: 'Garima has an alter ego, Gamora, that mostly comes out when she's hungry. Fun fact: Gaa is the portmanteau of her first name ('Ga') and last name ('a').'

At her restaurant, this chef tries to blend Indian and Thai food cultures.

She's worked with a couple of quintessential Indian ingredients and transformed them into fascinating dishes. Take a look!

Jackfruit and beef tartare. 'Nature is beautiful! Coming soon on the menu.'


Cauliflower bread. 'Cauliflower bread aka the perfect vehicle for our pickles is a big time homage to chef Garima's Indian roots,' writes the restaurant.
'The bread is stuffed with cauliflower florets, red chilli powder, and a kick of ginger. This dish is always served piping hot with our homemade cultured butter.'


Spicy tomato chutney. 'A kick of chilli, tangy tamarind, nuttiness from sesame and sweetness from jaggery makes our tomato achaar.'


'Strawberries and Royal Project Sturgeon Caviar with Hor Wor Oil. Hor Wor is a lemony herb from the forests of Chiang Rai foraged by our pastry chef @mintsaowalakk. This oil is our favorite in the kitchen at the moment.'


'The "Kaew Kamin" mango is fermented and spiced with chilli and black salt. This one draws inspiration from both Indian and Thai techniques to make a sweet, sour and salty pickle.'

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