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WATCH: Inside Chennai's Robot themed restaurant

February 10, 2019 11:00 IST

It's the first-of-its kind restaurant in India where robots interact with customers and deliver food.

Robot restaurant in Porur

IMAGE: The restaurant has a team of seven robots to deliver orders and guide new customers. Photographs: Kind courtesy Robot restaurant

Remember Robot, the first robot themed restaurant in Tamil Nadu?

They have recently launched its second branch in Porur area of Chennai.

At the Robot Restaurant, located in Chennai's Mugilivakkam-Porur, a team of seven robots designed in blue and white serve as waiters who can also interact with customers in English and Tamil.

From picking up foods from the kitchen to delivering it to the customers, these robots are programmed to do it all.

The man and machine trained robots can also detect if someone is blocking their way and request them to step aside.

The robot at the reception has been programmed to speak English and Tamil.

They offer a warm welcome to the customer and bring meals and exotic drinks to their table.

Robot restaurant in Porur

IMAGE: Customers are excited to be served by a robot at the restaurant.

A female robot at the reception is programmed to respond to customers' queries and guides them to their respective tables.

The restaurant serves Indo-Asian cuisine and follows the Golf and Black theme.

"As there was no Robot Restaurant in India before, we worked on it and got successful. The robots are yet to be named. We will ask the customers to suggest names. Later, we will conduct a name keeping ceremony. We have two types of robots -- one for serving food and the other one to interact and guide the customers. We are planning to expand our chain in Bengaluru," informed Kailash, general manager of the restaurant.

"We have provided a tablet on every table which has the menu. Once the customers select their choice of dishes, the order is sent to the kitchen. From there, the order is collected by the robots and they are programmed in a way that they take the order to the right table," he added.

WATCH the video to see the robots prepare ahead of their launch.

Video: Kind courtesy ANI


Robot restaurant in Porur

IMAGE: A robot dressed as a female is programmed to respond to customers' queries and guide them to their respective tables.

Each robot at the eatery costs around Rs 5 lakh. The hotel staff have been well trained to operate the robots.

The staff will stay in touch with the makers of the robots so that they can guide them in case of an emergency. 

Besides Chennai, Robot restaurant is also functional in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

 With inputs from ANI