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Vada pav or samosa pav: Vote for your favourite street food!

Last updated on: November 28, 2017 21:47 IST

Do you have a favourite street food in Mumbai? Tell us about it!

Click on the pic to cast your vote.

Vada pav

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rutvi Mistry/ Wikimedia Commons

If you have lived in Mumbai even for a day, there's no way you cannot fall in love with its street food.

From the humble vada pav to spicy misal pav, delectable kebabs to the quintessential Bombay Toast, lip-smacking pav bhaji to delicious falooda, you will be spoiled for choice.

We ask you, dear readers if given a choice between dosa and veg pizza or momos and frankie, which would you choose?

Would you choose sugarcane juice over cutting chai? 

What about bun maska vs kheema pav? Or egg bhurji vs kanda poha?

Take the poll and let us know which is your favourite street food in Mumbai.

Get started!

Pav bhaji vs misal pav

Photographs: (left) Premshree Pillai/Wikimedia Creative Commons and (right) Hitesh Harisinghani/ 


Sev puri vs pani puri

Photographs: (left) Vaihayasi Pande Daniel/ and (right) Anita Aikara/ 


Vada pav vs samosa pav

Photographs: (left) Rutvi Mistry/Wikimedia Commons and (right) thehungryduoblog 


Bhajiya vs medu vada

Photographs: (left) Mr TinDC/Creative Commons and (right) Anita Aikara/ 


Falooda vs gola

Photographs: (left) Kanchana Bose/Creative Commons and (right) Edgar Su/Reuters


Dosa vs pizza

Photographs: (left) Anita Aikara/ and (right) Sonia Goyal/Creative Commons


Momo vs frankie

Photographs: (left) Hitesh Harisinghani/ (right) Phoodelphia/Creative Commons


Kebab vs bhutta

Photographs: (left) Dheerajk88/Wikimedia Creative Commons and (right) Niharika Mondal/Instagram


Manchurian rice vs tava rice

Photographs: (left) Brian Yap/Creative Commons and (right) Sudhir Sharma/Instagram


Chinese bhel vs bhel puri

Photographs: (left) savory tales/Instagram and (right) Shreyans Bhansali/Creative Commons


Egg bhurji vs kanda poha

Photographs: (left) Ravi Mittal/Instagram and (right) Scott Dexter/Wikimedia Creative Commons 


Bun maska vs kheema pav

Photographs: Anita Aikara/


Chai vs sugarcane juice

Photographs: (left) justanothercupoftea/Instagram and (right) Food Trails/Wikimedia Creative Commons 


Bombay veg sandwich vs dabeli 

Photographs: (left) Namratha Kumar/Instagram and (right) Bharat Mirchandani/Creative Commons
Anita Aikara