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Recipe: Mung Badi Pulao

March 09, 2022 17:24 IST

Zelda Pande's Mung Badi Pulao is an adaptation of a traditional north Indian recipe provided by the irrepressibly cheerful and resourceful Shiven Khanna, who wrote the preparation down from his mom and got the badis too.

The making of it is pretty effortless and this pulao is a tiffin box fave.

Mung Badi Pulau

Photograph: Zelda Pande

Mung Badi Pulao

Serves: 3-4



Note: Mung badis or dried mung dal dumpling are of two varieties -- the dark large golf ball-size badis or the yellow small marble-sized ones. If opting for the bigger ones, use 4 in this recipe.

For a vegan pulao, use oil instead of ghee.

For a healthier pulao, opt for brown rice.