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SEE: How I made Falooda Sev at home

Last updated on: May 25, 2020 15:55 IST

Food blogger Faraz Haindaday, 21 from Mumbai talks about celebrating Eid in the lockdown.
Photograph and video: Courtesy Faraz Haindaday

Falooda Sev

Before the lockdown, our iftar would include items like channa batatas, kebabs or chicken rolls.

You only get these from the local vendors who cook it in their stores.

This year we weren’t able to get any of that because these places are shut down.

In all these years, we’ve never had only home food for all thirty days of Ramzan.

Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai has always been the charm of Ramzan. We used to get fresh, hot malpuas from there.

This year we made it at home and it turned out pretty well. I put up a video on my YouTube channel too.

I pretty much nailed making Falooda Sev, so we didn't miss it yet.

We also made chicken baida roti, nalli nihari... all the dishes that will make you drool.

Watch the video to see how I made Falooda Sev at home:



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Faraz Haindaday