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Food pics: Have you tried these delicious dishes?

June 21, 2019 12:02 IST

Presenting the best food pics shared by our readers this week. 
You can share yours too! Simply click on this link #RediffFoodies.

First up we have a pic of rava and vegetable handvoPhotograph: Alok Agrawal

'How can one say no to French fries?' asked Divya Nair who shared a pic of cheesy fries from Krunk, UlhasnagarPhotograph: Divya Nair 

Care for some mini dabeli bites? Photograph: Divya Nair

IMAGE: Next we have a pic of Burmese dish Khow Suey, a one pot meal. 'This curried noodles dish is bursting with flavours,' shares Alok Agrawal. Photograph: Alok Agrawal


IMAGE: This pic of matar papdi chaat will make you hungry right awayPhotograph: Alok Agrawal

Dear readers, do you have interesting food pictures that you'd like to share with us?

Simply upload them on #RediffFoodies along with a short description of the dish, the location and who prepared it, if possible.

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