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Photos! World's smallest tea party

April 16, 2018 13:04 IST

These pics will bring back fond memories of your childhood.

Miniature cook Burcu Celenoglu Aydin from Istanbul has been cooking miniature versions of popular Turkish dishes in a tiny kitchen with a working stove and range of utensils.

Through her project titled Mini Turkish Cuisine, she cooks dishes in a small-sized kitchen and documents it with the help of her husband Anil Aydin. 

Take a look at some pics from her kitchen.

Tea party

The table is set for three! The dining table has meat skewers, a bottle of Coca Cola and some bread.
All photographs: Murad Sezer/Reuters


Tea party

These are not mere props! They are indeed edible food.


Tea party

When Burcu prepares a meal, she actually using real ingredients and cooks in a miniature oven. 


Tea party

The preparations begin with cutting the meat and veggies. 


Tea party

The challenge is to ensure that the veggies and meat are cut into tiny pieces that will easily fit into the cooking pots. 


Tea party

The meat skewers are ready to be placed in the oven. 


Tea party

Burcu's husband Anil Aydin, a videographer, has been documenting her experiences.

Here he films his wife as she prepare a dish at her mini kitchen.


Tea party

If you look closer, you'll notice a tiny spark coming from the oven to show that it is lit. The couple try their best to ensure that they don't compromise on the taste.


Tea party

Anil and his wife pose with their mini kitchen in Istanbul. They have turned a room in their house into their studio.

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