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Noodle lovers! Would you dare to have beer ramen?

September 05, 2018 11:31 IST

It is the new Instagram rage.

Served in a beer stein, Beer Ramen is made from bonito flake broth and ramen noodles. The top foam is made of egg whites and gelatine. 
Photograph: Courtesy @heyhangryhippo/Instagram

Themed restaurants have been in trend for quite a while now.

Just when you think, it can't get any more creative, another one pops up with an even quirkier idea.

The latest in the trend is Yuu Japanese Tapas, a Japanese restaurant in British Columbia that serves Beer Ramen.

Are you a ramen lover, who doesn't welcome the idea of your favorite food being dipped in alcohol?

Or are you obsessed with beer and don't want anything to mess with your drink?

Photographs: Courtesy Yuu Japanese Tapas/Instagram

Don't worry, the meal only looks like beer.

It is not actually a combination of ramen and beer, it only resembles the beverage.

While the item is served in a stein, it does not contain alcohol.

The chilled broth, which looks like beer, is made from bonito flakes and the top foam is made of egg whites and gelatine.

This is what a meal at Yuu Japanese Tapas looks like.

Source: ANI