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Mouthwatering pics for every food lover

May 26, 2019 09:30 IST

Presenting the best food pics shared by our readers this week. 
You can share yours too! Simply click on this link #RediffFoodies.

IMAGE: First up we have Rajni Roy's pic of grilled basa fish made with no oil.  

IMAGE: Alok Agrawal's pic of Mangochi, a kadhi made of moong dal. 'The kadhi we commonly eat is made of besan (gram flour). Mangochi is much healthier and lighter than the besan kadhi as moong dal is considered to be much lighter. Apart from being healthy, it is very tasty also,' he writes.  

IMAGE: Alok Agrawal shared a pic of a no bake mango cheesecake.  

IMAGE: A chaat of sweet potato made by Krities Kitchen

IMAGE: Krities Kitchen also shared a pic of this delicious amla pickle. 

IMAGE: Mushroom and Baby Corn Jalfrezi shared by Alok Agrawal.    

IMAGE: Yummy paneer bhurji by Anantha Narayan

Dear readers, do you have interesting food pictures that you'd like to share with us?

Simply upload them on #RediffFoodies along with a short description of the dish, the location and who prepared it, if possible.

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