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Meet these 'bootylicious foodies'

Last updated on: September 07, 2018 14:20 IST

This blogger is celebrating body diversity with food.

Food blogger Laura Afonso is using her Instagram page @bunandbites to combine her love for food with body positivity.

Unable to become a full-time model because of her curvaceous figure, she is giving curvy women a chance to model for her page.

'Going back to modeling, I realised that maybe I couldn't do it professionally,' she said in an interview.

'A couple of years ago, someone asked me what I would do if money wasn't an issue.

'I said I would either be a model or a food critic because I love going out to eat. I wanted to be involved with food and modeling.

'I thought why can't I do both? I thought about all the negativity when I was first trying to model.

'I had a modeling professional say 'she's too chunky.'

'It threw me off, so I really wanted to bring the two together. I should be happy to eat and be proud of myself and the way I am.'

She adds: 'One day, I was on my explore feed on Instagram and I saw tons of pictures of food, and tons of fitness photos, and I realised everyone loves a butt.

'It stood out to me as a good way to get my message across: you can love yourself, you can love to eat and you can like your butt.'

Her page has the most delicious-looking food and a reflection of all body types.

Take a look!

Laura, left, showcasing bowls of sinful desserts. 'In addition to loving food, and dining out, I urged myself to share another one of my admirations; the almighty booty.'Photographs: Courtesy @bunsandbites/Instagram

Laura with her new bagel models!

A pizza that big is a treat for the die-hard foodie.

'It seems as though social media projects false body image directly into the palms of our hands and masques it beneath a bikini ad and a filter. Accepting and loving our bodies is a task that sometimes feels difficult!  Buns and Bites is a medium where women can express themselves in a positive and delicious manner. Buns really do come in all shapes and sizes, and we should celebrate that!'

There's something special for the Queer community too.

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